The Lord has clearly spoken to the Church that we are to be about “making and sending disciples.” He gave one of our spiritual fathers the vision of a train station where people were coming, connecting and being sent. This is a very fitting vision for us as a church situated in an urban multicultural setting –  near college campuses. We would encourage you to go on our podcast and listen to our foundation series that Pastor Kaj preached when he started at Living Way back in October 2012. This series sets out some of the distinctions that will mark us as a church going forward.


The following are the guiding principles by which we operate. They are taken from our global Foursquare principles, and are refined to reflect the local church.

Our Purpose: Living Way Foursquare Church exists to glorify God and advance His kingdom by preaching the Gospel and making disciples of all nations. (Mk.16:15;Mt.28:19)
Our Mission: Living Way Foursquare Church is called to preach Jesus Christ, God’s Son, as the Savior, the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, the Healer and the Coming King. We join with our Foursquare family’s assignment to establish healthy, growing and reproducing churches around the world.
Our Strategy: Living Way Foursquare Church seeks to follow the pattern of Spirit-empowered development found in the New Testament. Therefore, we seek to train disciples filled with the Holy Spirit, who will influence congregations to become missionary-sending movements around the globe.