Pastor’s Night Stand Have you ever wondered what your pastor is filling his life with? What books is he reading? What podcast does he subscribe to and what music is he filling his soul with? Here you’ll get a peek at his “nightstand” and are likely to find a smattering of interests from quirky hobbies to theological books. Some of these items are constant while others will rotate regularly.

Books – Just finished a good book by Janet Boynes called “God & Sexuality” that is written to exhort those desiring sexual wholeness in world given to the flesh. I was impressed an interview with her on the “Line of Fire Radio” over race & reconciliation during the Ferguson, Missouri riots. I am in the middle of two books- Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership by McIntosh & Rima. Also starting into a book recommended to me by a fellow Seattle Pastor Perry Burkholder called Rare Leadership: 4 Uncommon Habits for increasing trust, joy, and engagement in the people you lead.

Music – Was in a worship setting with Lindy Conant & the Circuit Riders at PLU in Parkland and have enjoyed it since.

Devotionals: Working through three that accompany my LIFE Journal Reading Plan and Daily Awakenings by Steve Hill.

Podcasts – I am listening regularly to two primary Bible teachers that I have high respect for: Steve Schell (Northwest Foursquare Church in Federal Way) and Michael L. Brown (In the Line of Fire Radio). My recent favorite weekly podcast is by Brock Huard’s Above & Beyond: The Intersection of Faith & Sports.

Hobbies – Due to a recent kidney stone my plan of becoming a “tea-ologist” or “tea-monger” is officially dead. Still my twitter handle is  @TeawithKaj. I consume all the info I can find on the nations I love (Iran, Israel, India) along with discussions about geo-politics. Our family are avid fans of the Huskies, Seahawks and the Sounders… in that order. I also enjoy growing rhubarb in the yard, even though it is considered a weed by some in the Northwest.